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The Living Word is an inspired way for you to help so many people who depend upon you for leadership, guidance, and understanding God's Word and His love for us. A meaningful, modern homily will enrich the lives of everyone at Mass, and each person will think about your words all week long and look forward to your next homily.

Preparing your homily is so very important, and The Living Word provides tools to help you spiritually impact your parishioners.

  • Full text of a homily for each Sunday
  • Based on the Scriptures of the day; where possible, references to the Second Reading are included
  • Self-contained volume specially bound so material may be removed and used and then replaced without difficulty or damage to the binding
  • Written to be understood by the modern parishioner of today, for all ages
  • Includes introductions to the Mass, penitential act, and the Lord's Prayer; introductory and closing prayers with intercessions for the Prayer of the Faithful and a final blessing

    The Living Word is an inspired resource to help you enrich the souls of all who attend your Mass. Your weekly Mass is a crucial part of the spiritual well-being of your parish, and your homily is a way to deeply motivate all in attendance.

    The Living Word Sunday Digital

    Made available as a digital download for easy editing (delivered as Microsoft Word files)
    --Published quarterly
    --Annual subscription rate as low as $39.00

    Also available for weekdays, special occasions, and saint and feast days in print format.

    Sunday Book: $68.00
    Weekday Book: $88.00
    Sunday Book and Weekday Book: $118.00

    To subscribe to the print editions of The Living Word call 800-325-9521, or email

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