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Jornada de Fe Digital Lessons

Liguori's ever-popular and long-running RICA program with imprimatur, Jornada de Fe lessons are available in digital format.

Written in the engaging, pastoral style of the Redemptorists, Jornada de Fe speaks clearly to audiences in their voice: adults, teens, and children. Since the lessons cover the same subject matter across all age groups and languages, families who are in RICA together learn the same material at the same time.

The flexible style of the lessons enables you to teach in the order you want. Each comprehensive Leader Guide gives you everything you need to walk into your RICA class and start leading, whether you're a veteran instructor or a first-time volunteer.

Covering each of the periods of Christian initiation, Jornada de Fe lessons begins with the concept of faith in the Catholic Church and explores many topics in its 48 lessons.

A one-year subscription to each age group of the Jornada de Fe digital lessons includes all four phases of RICA and allows you to share links to the lessons. The digital flipbooks easy to use and are perfect for conducting virtual sessions. The print Leader Guides are available for purchase separately on

Sample Digital Lesson

How to share a link to digital Journey of Faith and Jornada de Fe Lessons

Preguntas (Inquiry) 16 Lessons

The lessons in Jornada de Fe, Preguntas begin with the concept of faith in the Catholic Church and continue the exploration into many topics that will be discussed further throughout the program. Some of the concepts include the Trinity, Jesus as fully human and fully divine, an introduction to the Bible, prayer life, the Mass, Church leadership, Mary, and the saints.

Catecumenado (Catechumenate) 16 Lessons

The concepts in Jornada de Fe, Catecumenado include the RICA process and rites, salvation history, lessons on each of the sacraments, Church history, dignity of life, social justice, and moral living.

Discernimiento (Enlightenment) 8 Lessons

Jornada de Fe, Discernimiento takes candidates through a period of self-reflection and preparation for the sacraments. They learn about God's mercy and forgiveness through an introduction to the scrutinies and are encouraged to participate in the Lenten practices of prayer, fasting, and almsgiving. They also participate in a group Lenten retreat, an opportunity for them to spend some quiet time with themselves and God before becoming fully initiated into the Church.

Mistagogia (Mystagogy) 8 Lessons

Jornada de Fe, Mistagogia leads the new members of the Church, into full participation with their Church and parish communities. At confirmation, they are given the gift of the Holy Spirit and the mission to evangelize. These Mistagogia lessons focus on how to become witnesses for Christ, how to continue their faith formation now that they are fully initiated into the Church, and how to share the joy and enthusiasm they have for the faith with others.

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